Class overview.

Welcome to Join Study's Classroom. This is a virtual classroom with collaborative platform. Students and teacher can share study materials, assignments and projects in the form of docs, sheets and slides. Students can join live session of virtual classroom with teachers by the given link of Google Meet or by Skype as they wish. Virtual classroom platform is decided as per students preferences.

As you know we have two types of educational activities in Join Study First is Skill Development Courses and other is Educational Classes.

Skill development courses provide complete set of knowledge and update your skills in the given field of your jobs and professions. These courses are also helpful for those who want to start their own firm of logistics & supply chain.

Educational classes are highly helpful for corporate workers, professionals and students. Classes are divided into different topics and you have to choose any or more topics as per your need. These training and educational classes are highly helpful for you if you need an extra knowledge or asking special training on any of the field related to logistics & supply chain.

You can book appointment to discuss about our courses and classes. You can also book any of our online classes by the given Book Appointment button on the top.

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